Griffin Support

After installing the radio SHARK software, my computer will not go to sleep properly.

The radioSHARK software includes a background application called radioSHARK Server that must remain active to keep track of scheduled events. Unfortunately, when the radioSHARK Server application is active, the computer will not be able to go into sleep mode on its own. You can still put the computer to sleep manually; however, when you do this, the radioSHARK Server application becomes inactive and cannot record your scheduled events.

We recommend setting your computer's Energy Saver preferences so your display will go to sleep separately. That way your monitor will still sleep, but the computer can remain awake and your scheduled recordings will still take place. You can do this by clicking on the Apple Menu and selecting System Preferences. Then select the Energy Saver Preference Pane and check the box labeled "Put the display to sleep when the computer is inactive for:..."

Windows users should not be affected by this issue.