Griffin Support

The iTrip's LED does not stay lit up anymore!

When you first turn on the iPod and play a song at 70 percent volume level, you should see the iTrip blink 3 times slowly, and then light up solid. However, if it does not remain lit up, you've probably accidentally played the LED OFF file at some point. (This is one of the files located in the iTrip Stations Playlist). This file will actually turn the LED off, which obviously can cause quite a bit of confusion if you are trying to retune the iTrip. Simply navigate to the iTrip Stations Playlist, and play the file called LED ON. The iTrip will start blinking rapidly, which will be your cue to pause the iPod. The iTrip will then blink 3 times slowly, and then light up solid. At this point, you can go back and retune the iTrip to the desired radio frequency, if needed, using the regular tuning steps.