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My iTrip stopped broadcasting. How do I get it working again?

Step 1First, reset the iPod by holding down the Menu and Select buttons (Menu and Play/Pause buttons on the 3G iPod and earlier) at the same time for about 5-10 seconds until you see the Apple logo appear.Step 2Once it displays the main menu again, connect the iTrip to the iPod, play a song and make sure that the volume on the iPod is set between 50% - 70%. The red light should come on.Step 3This is the most important step, that's why we made the video on the main iTrip support page. Note: You must have the iTrip software installed before beginning this part.In case, you are in a hurry or have a slow connection here are the steps:

  • Navigate to the iTrip Station Playlist.
  • Highlight the station you want the iTrip to broadcast on.
  • Tap the Center Select button.
  • By "Tap" we mean press once and let go. Many people will hold down the button, when really they should just press once and let go.

  • When the red light begins blinking rapidly press the Play/Pause button.
  • The red light will continue to blink rapidly for a second then you will see three to four slow blinks.
  • Use the Menu button to navigate back to your favorite artist.
  • Use the Center Select button to select one of their songs.
  • Turn your radio on and tune to the iTrip's new station.