Griffin Support

When I select a program to watch from the Dijit Guide, Beacon sends the command to the wrong device.

In order to change which device Beacon uses to change your channels from the Dijit Guide, you'll need to create an Activity in the Dijit app. From the Dijit remote screen, open the menu and select "More", then select "Add an Activity". Choose "Watch TV". Under "Select Devices", you can select any/all of the devices you normally use to watch TV; you'll select the actual TV tuner on the next screen. Once you've selected your devices, tap "Next". Under "Channel Control", choose the device you use to change the channels on your TV, then tap "Next". If you'd like to set up Activity Actions, you can do so now, or just tap "Save".

Beacon will now send the channel commands from the Dijit Guide to the device you selected under "Channel Control". You can navigate to any remote you'd like; you don't have to keep the "Watch TV" activity selected.