Griffin Support

Why do my recordings skip during playback?

There are a few things that could cause your recordings not to playback smoothly.

The first thing to check is your GAIN setting. If your recording level is set to AUTOMATIC and the volume of what you're recording varies from loud to soft at times, then iTalk is probably switching itself back and forth from low to high, producing a noticeable effect in your recordings. To adjust the recording level, hold the iTalk Pro button for 3 seconds and release. You will see a menu on your iPod screen. Press and release the iTalk button until the option you want is selected. To confirm your selection, hold the button for 3 seconds and release. Your recording level will be set.

If that does not fix the issue for you, then your iPod is probably too full or fragmented and is looking for places to store your recording. The skipping would be produced by the iPod "looking" for space and not finding it quickly enough. An easy way to solve this is to restore your iPod to factory settings through iTunes. You would have to reload all of your music to your iPod after this procedure.